Rotor Power LT

Rotor Power LT

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Revolutionize your training with the Rotor Power LT!
Rotor's patented Power meter crankset will improve your training quality and experience. And at just a few grams more than the Rotor 3D+ MAS crank with 110mm compact BCD, it's probably the lightest power measurement crankset out there and the perfect entry into the watt-controlled training. 

The Power LT brings scientific knowledge to the road by combining two proven products: Rotor's 3D+ crank and the respected MEP lab power measurement system by AIP. The data will be transmitted with the ANT+ technology and the battery can be replaced tool-free. With this rich heritage, it's clear that the Rotor Power LT isn't just any old power meter. The Power LT consists of a super-accurate, independent power meter on the left, and 4 strain gauges. This gives you quality data which no other system can provide:

-power measurement on the left
-independent positive and negative power output
-unsurpassed accuracy due to symmetrical crank deformation

The Rotor Power LT is based on the 3D+ crank which has been specifically developed as a oversized axle crank for multiple BB systems. It's crank arms are made of 100% cnc machined, 7075 T6 aluminium which have been trinity drilled for a further weight reduction. In addition Rotor has extended the compatibility of the Power because now it's featuring an improved ultra stiff 30mm aluminium UBB axle. 

The "UBB System" is not a standard. It's all standards because it allows the installation of almost any 24 or 30mm Rotor axle crank on your bike, regardless of its BB type. 

Note: You will find a compatibility chart under "attachments"! A comparison of Rotor Power and Power LT can also be found in the "attachments". 

This crank is manufactured using an improved version of Rotor´s proprietary Trinity Drilling System technology during manufacture. Due to the larger axle-crank contact area of a BB30 crank, all three holes can be drilled from the axle side of the crank arm, allowing further optimization of wall thicknesses. It improves both the weight and the weight-rigidity ratio of the crank arm. 

The Power LT crankset can be used with Rotor Q-Rings (not included in delivery) and also with any other 5-hole chainrings with 110mm compact bolt circle diameter. 
The precise adjustment of the cup preload is achievable because of an compression ring with nut. 

Q-Factor: 148mm, Chain line: 43.5mm 

Symbol picture: Chainring not included in delivery.